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Awards for the Canadian Chapter

The Awards and Honours Committee of the Canadian Chapter of The Explorers Club is pleased to announce the 2022 award recipients of the Stefansson Medal and the Citation of Merit. 

Named after, Vilhjalmur Stefansson, one of Canada’s most renowned Arctic explorers, who travelled more than 32,000 km by dogsled over the course of three forays into the Arctic between 1906 and 1918. The Stefansson Medal honours outstanding contributions to the cause of exploration and/or field sciences in Canada or internationally by exceptionally meritorious members of the Canadian Chapter of the Explorers Club.

Dr. Marc R. St-Onge FI’18

The 2022 recipient of the Stefansson Medal is Marc St-Onge FI’18. Marc was selected from an eminently qualified field of candidates in recognition of his longstanding dedication to advancing scientific and geological knowledge as an explorer, researcher, expedition leader, lecturer, author and speaker.

The Citation of Merit is a certificate awarded annually for a commendable feat of exploration or services to the Canadian Chapter. The 2022 recipient of the Citation of Merit is Joe Grabowski FI’09.

Joe Grabowski FI’09

Joe is exceptionally deserving of this award in recognition of the impact he has made inspiring thousands of students and future leaders by enabling them to work with leading scientists and explorers as they research some of the most globally important issues in some of the world’s most significant environments.

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