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Stefansson Medal

Canadian Chapter Awards

We have two Canadian chapter awards. Typically, only ONE Stefansson Medal is given out per year, but multiple Citations of Merit can be awarded.

Stefansson Medal 2024

Canadian Chapter Treasurer, David Galbraith FI’18, presenting the Stefansson Medal to Dr. Helen Haines FI’10.

Named after, Vilhjalmur Stefansson, one of Canada’s most renowned Arctic explorers, who travelled more than 32,000 km by sled and dog over the course of three forays into the Arctic between 1906 and 1918. The Stefansson Medal honours outstanding contributions to the cause of exploration and/or field sciences in Canada or internationally by exceptionally meritorious members of the Canadian chapter of the Explorers Club. This award is somewhat analogous to a lifetime achievement award for members who have been long-time affiliates of the club (although consideration is certainly given to exceptional feats of exploration, field science, or related, regardless of length of membership). The chapter awards an actual medal along with a certificate.

The Stefansson Medal was designed by B.C. heraldic artist Renee Alexander on the recommendation of Robert Watt, Chief Herald of Canada. The medal is struck in sterling silver by Bond-Boyd, a private Toronto-based mint that produces medals such as the Canadian Forces Decoration for the  Canadian government. The design depicts the northern lights, an inukshuk, a Stefansson figure in traditional Inuit costume, maple leaf and The Explorers Club flag.

Citation of Merit 2024

Maeva Gauthier FI’13  &  Marlis Butcher FI’16


The Citation of Merit is a certificate awarded annually for a commendable feat of exploration or services to the Canadian Chapter.  Multiple recipients can receive this award annually.  Examples worthy of nomination includes recognizing directors/ volunteers who have made significant contributions to the club during the award period; Canadian chapter members who have led or participated in significant expeditions (flag or otherwise and based on findings); have produced significant research; received accolades for their exploration-based art, writing, photography, videography, and/or field science); or education/outreach.

Nominate a Canadian Chapter Member

Each fall our Flags and Honours Committee encourages Canadian Chapter members to nominate worthy individuals who are members-in-good standing. The deadline for nominations is December 1st, each year. The completed form should be sent to the Awards and Honours Committee. A nomination form is available as a fillable PDF.

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