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"To promote exploration by all means possible..."

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Join the Famous Firsts

For more than a century, members of The Explorers Club have traversed the Earth, the seas, the skies, and even the Moon - expeditions that pushed boundaries and helped define scientific achievement. Our members were first to the North Pole,…

Lowell Thomas Awards Dinner 2022!

Lowell Thomas Awards Dinner! Join us on October 1st in Boston, Massachusetts for the return of the Lowell Thomas Awards Dinner! The weekend will feature a full schedule of events from Friday, September 30 until Sunday, October 2 - including…

WOMEN WANTED — Sea Women Expeditions

WOMEN WANTED — Sea Women Expeditions is proud to unveil the mission patch for our ocean research & winter snorkel expedition to Norway’s arctic fjords in November-December 2022. Want to join our team and wear this beautiful mission patch on…

World Oceans Week 2022

6th Annual World Oceans Week! This year, we will be returning to The Explorers Club for a week of unforgettable, in-person programming. Mark your calendars and get ready to sail the five C's of our world's oceans: Creativity, Conservation, Collaboration,…

It’s Live!

"For what we are about to see next, we must enter quietly into the realm of genius.” ~ Dr. Frederick Frankenstein After doing a soft launch over the past weekend, it gives me great pleasure to say The Explorers Club's Canadian Chapter’s…

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