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Circumnavigation Newfoundland: Terra Nova Scuba Expedition 2023

Circumnavigation Newfoundland: Terra Nova Scuba Expedition 2023

Between October 1-12, 2023, Jett will be doing some exploratory diving while circumnavigating Newfoundland with Aurora Expeditions. Shipwreck researchers believe the inner ocean waters on the northeast coast of Newfoundland Island have some of the oldest decked shipwrecks in existence. The Vikings established settlements here and there is persistent speculation that the ancient ships of China’s 1417 Treasure Fleet ended up underwater on the coast of Newfoundland, a place they called the… “Island like a Chinese Garden.” Unfortunately, Kathryn can’t make this epic adventure … so Jett will be diving with two Newfoundland diving legends…Rick Stanley MI’18 and John Olivero along with a small number of diving guests onboard. Thus far, this expedition will be documented in two magazines, Luxe Beat and Inspired Living.


A website booking link is presently being worked on. Scuba diving available on this trip only. As there are a limited number scuba diver slots, contact Rick Stanley (email: rick@oceanquestadventures.com) if you wish to secure your spot.

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