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"To promote exploration by all means possible..."

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Canada’s most renowned Arctic explorer, Vilhjalmur Stefansson, walking away from the doomed wooden-hulled Karluk which departed Canada for the western Arctic in June 1913. By August, the vessel became solidly trapped in sea ice and never reached its destination.(Photo: Public Domain)

“Shoot us an email… but remember you’re daring to communicate with some intrepid Canadian explorers. We could all be off somewhere remote conducting major field research, or doing some other vitally important explorer kinda stuff. Seriously, we’ll reply if we have a wi-fi signal.”


Canadian Chapter Chair

Provides leadership and oversight on all matters pertaining to the Canadian Chapter

[email protected]

Regional Directors represent the members in their geographical region.

Regional Director BC/Yukon

[email protected]

Regional Director Ontario/Nunavut

ontarionun[email protected]

Regional Director Atlantic/Quebec

[email protected]

Regional Director Prairies/NWT

[email protected]

Membership Director

For information and help on new memberships, reinstatements and reclassifications

[email protected]


Communications Director

For Newsletters, FaceBook, and other Club publications

[email protected]

Editor, Monthly Newsletter

To publish Explorer’s news, events, and expeditions

[email protected]

Rogier Gruys MI’10


All technical issues with our Chapter’s website

[email protected]

Awards & Honours Committee Chair

All matters pertaining to Canadian Chapter Medals & Awards

[email protected]



Oversees our Chapter’s financial affairs

[email protected]

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