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Help Protect Nepal’s Snow Leopards With Dr. Natalie Schmitt FI’22

Nepal’s Snow Leopards

Local people and communities are by far the most important and crucial component to successful global conservation efforts. This has long been a passion and deep realization of mine since first visiting Nepal to study snow leopards while spending time with the communities who have lived alongside them for centuries.



Snow leopards have captured my heart and imagination as symbols of strength and hope amid the biodiversity crisis facing the world, but their numbers are dwindling despite their ability to survive in one of the harshest environments in the world, the high Himalaya.

Pangje Foundation

4 years ago, I joined an NGO, Pangje Foundation, who have been dedicated to the advancement of snow leopard conservation initiatives that simultaneously help local communities and the greater Himalaya environment. The most beautiful aspect of what Pangje does is community-based programs for the people, by the people; with both communities and snow leopards realizing the benefits.

Tracking Cats and Taking Counts of Prey Species

Beginning in 2023, we are opening opportunities for people from all walks of life to actively take part in conservation activities in Nepal.  Setting up camera traps for ongoing snow leopard population studies in far western Nepal; tracking cats and taking counts of prey species in central Nepal along the Tibet border under the world’s highest peaks; even searching for the last Himalayan tigers.  All the while, spending intimate time with our close local friends and remote villages along the way in one of the most awe-inspiring locales I’ve ever experienced.


Dr. Natalie Schmitt FI’22, EC50 2022 Awardee, giving a presentation at GLEX 2022.

I’ll be leading the expeditions and look forward to sharing time amidst incredible culture and environs all for an important cause.

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