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It’s Live!

“For what we are about to see next, we must enter quietly into the realm of genius.”

~ Dr. Frederick Frankenstein

After doing a soft launch over the past weekend, it gives me great pleasure to say The Explorers Club‘s Canadian Chapter’s new website is LIVE!
I think it’s fair to say our chapter’s previous website died a slow death well before we started to build a new one. As our chapter is 100% run by volunteers, and we did not have sufficient funds to outsource the new website rebuild, it’s understandable how this could happen. If we get everything right going forward, our chapter will never be in that position again. Earlier this year, we reached out several times to ask if there was anyone within our ranks with website building experience to help the cause? Nobody came forward. However, we enjoyed great success enlisting some talented chapter members to serve on a Website Committee, wherein we discussed the proposed website changes over several ZOOM calls… and then went to work building the website ourselves. We view the new website as being a work in progress that will continue to evolve over time.
A heartfelt thank you and immense gratitude to the chapter members who volunteered for the Website Committee: Marlis Butcher FI’16, Rogier Gruys MI’10, Robin Brooks MI’14, Jessica Lindsay Phillips MI’12, and Nath Lasselin FI’21. I cannot say enough good things about each one of them. I felt from the beginning what we needed was a team effort. They all helped make it so.
Jett Britnell FI’16
Canadian Chapter Chair
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