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Jason Schoonover FE’86 and Su Hattori MI’13 Elected Fellows to The Royal Canadian Geographical Society

In November 2021, Jason Schoonover FE’86 and Su Hattori MI’13 were both elected to The Royal Canadian Geographic Society’s College of Fellows.

The RCGS College of Fellows includes many of Canada’s eminent explorers, astronauts, writers, geographers, scientists, artists, anthropologists, soldiers, business leaders, historians, educators and even some former Prime Ministers. RCGS Fellows are deemed to have distinguished themselves by directly contributing to scientific knowledge in the field of geography, geographical exploration, or allied sciences (i.e., archaeology, atmospheric sciences, marine biology, zoology, etc.). Such accomplishments are evidenced by published books, scientific publications or major mainstream media coverage documenting fieldwork, or exploration. In the Society’s own words… “Making Canada Better Known to Canadians and The World.”

Congratulations, Jason & Su!

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