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"To promote exploration by all means possible..."

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Kensington Tours Explorers Club Collection

Forget Your Expectations

Forget your expectations of what travel can be. With The Explorers Club Collection from Kensington Tours, you experience incredible journeys that capture the essence of the world’s foremost fellowship of adventurers and scientists.

Walk the trails blazed by renowned explorers and academics in search of in-depth and up-close encounters with fascinating people, places, and cultures. These experiences are inspired by real-life exploration and guided by the most accomplished experts. These hand-picked, curated itineraries all fulfill at least two of the following criteria:

Adventure: Taking on unusual or daring expedition-style physical adventures, such as mountaineering or backcountry camping. Imagine conquering the Eiger or Schilthorn while discovering the history of mountaineering.

Exploration: Pushing into unfamiliar new frontiers and remote locations, in order to expand our understanding – perhaps meeting lowland gorillas in the Congo and learning from acclaimed primatologists.

Science: Investigating active research facilities to see how scientists are pushing the boundaries of human knowledge. For instance, go behind the scenes at the ALMA Observatory, the world’s largest radio telescope, in Chile’s Atacama Desert.

Academia: Direct engagement with those who pursuing research and scholarship, such as museum curators, scientists, historians, and journalists. For instance, you might revel in a private tour of The Explorers Club headquarters tracing the footsteps of famed adventurers with a historian in New York City.

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