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Project Calypso – Searching for Hong Kong’s Lost Oyster Reefs

Adam Janikowski, MI’07, former member of the Canadian chapter and now Hong Kong chapter, will be leading an expedition in Hong Kong searching for lost oyster reefs.  This is a joint expedition with the Explorers Club Hong Kong, the Nature Conservancy and Hong Kong University.

From the 7th century and particularly in the early 19th to mid 20th century, Hong Kong’s prolific oyster reefs were over harvested to produce lime. The three organizations have joined forces to use modern technology and physical dives to search for viable remnants of these oyster reefs with a view to reseeding and rehabilitating these areas. There will be multiple dive expeditions and then oyster seeding expeditions if any members of the Canadian chapter would like to join, please reach out to Adam at ajanikowski@shaw.ca

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