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WOMEN WANTED — Sea Women Expeditions

WOMEN WANTED — Sea Women Expeditions is proud to unveil the mission patch for our ocean research & winter snorkel expedition to Norway’s arctic fjords in November-December 2022.

Want to join our team and wear this beautiful mission patch on your expedition jacket?

Steeped in history and tradition, mission patches are often designed by space agencies and international exploration societies who launch expeditions to Space and far-flung places on Earth. Mission patches recognize the importance of these expeditions and the significant contributions of their team members.

Sea Women Expeditions’ mission is to scout, record, and document disappearing sea ice in the Arctic. We create opportunities for Indigenous and non-Indigenous women to gain leadership skills and field experience in Exploration and the Arts & Sciences. Together, these women create planet-wide ripple effects.

We’re currently recruiting team members to join our women’s leadership program in Tromso, Norway, followed by a live-aboard ocean research & snorkel expedition during the winter herring run in Norway’s arctic fjords at 70 degrees North latitude. Forty women (in three back-to-back cohorts) will participate in this epic expedition.

We’re seeking women with the ‘right stuff’: ocean explorers, scientists, artists, communicators, writers, storytellers, traditional knowledge holders, educators, historians, lawyers, underwater robot and airborne drone pilots, filmmakers, underwater photographers and videographers, medical professionals, scuba divers, and snorkelers.

Celebrating our tenth year of arctic exploration, Sea Women Expeditions is a grass roots, volunteer-based organization with no paid staff. As such, our team members volunteer to shape (and deliver) the programming, including the women’s leadership and Arts & Sciences programs, during the expeditions.

Expedition participants are self-funded. The all-in cost (from North America) to participate in our women’s leadership program and ocean research & winter snorkel expedition is approximately $USD 10,000.

One hundred years ago and today, ship-based expeditions to polar regions represent expensive undertakings. Many of our team members raise their expedition funds by applying for grants, bursaries, scholarships, and corporate donations, and by running GoFundMe campaigns.

To apply for our upcoming expedition, please send your resume and biography to info@seawomen.com, letting us know how your skills, expertise, work ethic, and enthusiasm will contribute to the success of our mission to Norway.

To learn more about us, including our vision and diversity, equity & inclusion statements and social media channels, please visit:


We look forward to hearing from you!

We’d like to thank Whitley Mike, Sea Women’s creative director and co-leader of our orca behavioral study, for designing our beautiful mission patch that features an orca spy hopping during the winter herring in Norway’s arctic fjords while the aurora borealis dance overhead.

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