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Canadian Chapter Explorers Featured as Canadian Geographic Adventures Ambassadors

Twelve explorers from our Canadian Chapter are being featured in CanGeo Adventures. Their primary objective is to bring experiences off the pages of Canadian Geographic magazine and into the field through Ambassador-led, custom-curated travel experiences.

In 2022-2023, CanGeo Ambassadors, selected from the Royal Canadian Geographic Society (RCGS) and Canadian Geographic programs, such as Explorers-in-Residence, Photographers-in-Residence, Filmmakers-in-Residence, the RCGS Board of Governors and the RCGS College of Fellows, include the following Canadian Chapter Explorer Club members:

Daisy Gilardini, FI’10

David McEown, MI’21

George Kourounis, FI’09

Jill Heinerth, FI‘10

John Geiger, FI’04

Ken McGoogan, FI’15

Mario Ribgy, MI’20

Marlis Butcher, FI’16

Rick Stanley, MI’18

Scott Forsyth, FI’16

Travis Steffens, FI’14

Wade Davis, MED’87

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